Print Instructions - How to print or download your digital goods
Our sheet music files are delivered in PDF format and can be accessed through your ‘Order History’ in ‘My Account’. They can be downloaded and saved to your computer and you are permitted to make 1 print out of the file, or the number of copies specified in your corresponding choral licence..
Audio files are in MP3 format and can be accessed through your ‘Order History’ in ‘My Account’. They can be downloaded and saved to your computer.
Files are for personal use only and photocopying or digital distribution of any kind without a licence is prohibited.

How do I find my purchased products?

1.            Log into your account on the store
2.            Click on My Account
3.            Click on Order History
4.            Click on relevant PO number in the order listing.
5.            If you’ve bought digital goods you can print or download by clicking on the link to Print here or MP3 Download, next to the song title.

How do I print my sheet music?

To print your sheet music, click on the link to “Print here” next to the song title in your Order Details.

The PDF should start downloading to your browser:

Click on the file to open it, once it has finished downloading. You can print it immediately from the browser or save it to your device.

Printing from iPad/Android/tablet device?
We would recommend printing from a PC or laptop rather than a tablet device.

Printing too small?
PDF files are set to our standard printing specification which is about 95% of the original page size to ensure that all the copyright information fits on the page.
When printing the sheet music the browser normally uses a default setting that adds additional margins, headers and footers to the page. When you come to print you should ensure that any options for headers and footers are deselected and that fields for margins are set to ‘minimum’ where possible.
Please try re-printing your purchase with these fields deselected.
Trying to download audio files to mobile/tablets?
You will not be able to download the mp3 audio file from your purchase directly to your mobile/tablet device due to Apple's proprietary restrictions within their device (hardware and software) framework, which does not permit the importing/downloading of non-iTunes Store-purchased content onto iPhones/iPads.

You will instead need to log into your account using a desktop PC/Mac which has iTunes installed, where you should then be able to download the audio file, import it into your iTunes music library and then sync with your other device(s) either via direct cable-linking of the device(s) or via the iCloud service.

Accessing purchases from another computer
Orders can be accessed from any computer when signed into Your Account. Click on your Order History for all available orders within the 7-day printing/downloading window.
If you have any other queries please contact quoting your PO number and explaining the issue you are experiencing and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24-hours.