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Theory Of Music Made Easy Grade 8

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Theory of Music Made Easy Grade 8 by Loh Phaik Kheung builds upon the information covered in the preceding books,  tackling subjects in an organised and logical way in order to prepare students for the ABRSM Grade 8 examination.  Students are taken through how to continue an opening passage of a Baroque trio sonata for two treble instruments and a basso continuo, how to complete a short passage for keyboard and a more detailed look at melodic compositions for the Grade 8 musician.

Publisher: Rhythm

ISBN: 9679855082

Item Code: MPT300308

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Grade(s): Grade 8

Series: Theory Of Music Made Easy

Exam Board: ABRSM

Territories: World (excl SE Asia and the Far East)

  1. Continuation Of A Given Opening Of A Passage From A Baroque Trio Sonata For Two Treble Instruments And A Basso Continuo
  2. Completion Of An Outline Of A Short Passage For Keyboard
  3. Melodic Compositions
  4. Melodic Compositions In A More Modern Style
  5. General Exercises