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Theory Of Music Made Easy Grade 6

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Theory of Music Made Easy Grade 6 by Loh Phaik Kheung takes students through the topics required for the ABRSM Grade 6 exam by consolidating information covered in the preceding books and tackling new subjects in an organised and logical way. It introduces the topics of melodic decorations, writing for keyboard, harmonising and writing melodies and writing for orchestral instruments.

Publisher: Rhythm

ISBN: 9679854906

Item Code: MPT300306

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Grade(s): Grade 6

Series: Theory Of Music Made Easy

Exam Board: ABRSM

Territories: World (excl SE Asia and the Far East)

  1. Melodic Decorations
  2. Figured Bass
  3. Writing for Keyboard
  4. Harmonising Melody by Adding a Bass Part and Figuring It
  5. Melody Writing
  6. Writing for Orchestral Instruments
  7. Melodic Composition in More Modern Style
  8. General Exercises
  9. Definition of The Terms Used To Describe A Melody or a Piece of Music