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Theory of Music Made Easy Grade 4

Lina Ng

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In Theory of Music Made Easy Grade 4 from Lina Ng, students are introduced to the alto clef, double sharps and double flats, more complex key signatures and ornamentation. Sections are interspersed with revision chapters, covering several topics, to consolidate what has been learned, both in this book and in the preceding ones. Topics covered take students up to the ABRSM Grade 4 test.

Publisher: Rhythm

ISBN: 9679852962

Item Code: MPT300304

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Grade(s): Grade 4

Series: Theory Of Music Made Easy

Exam Board: ABRSM

Territories: World (excl SE Asia and the Far East)

  1. Time Signatures
  2. Alto Clef
  3. Double Sharps and Double Flats
  4. Breves, Double Dots and Duplets
  5. Keys With Five Sharps or Flats
  6. Technical Names of Notes in Diatonic Scales
  7. Revision Exercises
  8. Four-Bar Rhythms
  9. Triads and Chords on I, IV and V
  10. Intervals
  11. Writing A Rhythm To Given Words
  12. Chromatic Scales
  13. Ornaments
  14. Orchestral Instruments
  15. Performance Directios
  16. General Exercises