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Improve your teaching! Teaching Beginners

Paul Harris

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Teaching beginners is a huge responsibility and a challenge, but also reaps enormous rewards. Today there are a host of colourful tutors to choose from, but none tells us how to teach beginners. It can be a hit and miss affair!

Energising and inspirational, Improve your teaching! Teaching Beginners is a must-have resource for all instrumental and singing teachers. Written by the UK's leading music educationalist Paul Harris, it is packed full of comprehensive advice and practical strategies, it offers creative yet accessible solutions to the challenges faced in music education. Written in an approachable style and distilled from years of personal experience and research Paul Harris looks at the issues concerning the teaching of beginners, outlining a series of principals, advice and strategies, discussing: How to approach the first lesson, Practice ideas for beginners, Introducing the tutor book and notation, Taking stock and moving forward, Inheriting pupils, Improvisation and Composition for beginners.

A companion to the best-selling Improve your teaching!, this book is guaranteed to challenge, affirm and energise your teaching!

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I feel this book is essential reading for every instrumental and singing teacher who takes pupils at any level. Whether beginner or postgraduate (as Harris points out at the end of his book), the same guiding principle apply to teaching all pupils. Everything he writes is sensible and wise, and clearly expressed.

Piano Professional Magazine, Summer 2009

Improve Your Teaching! Teaching Beginners….deals specifically with the challenge and responsibility of teaching beginners correctly and effectively with creativity and enthusiasm…. If you are contemplating studying for any sort of teaching diploma or doing an instrumental teaching course, or just need some fresh ideas, this book is well worth having as it will enable you to plan your own beginners’ curriculum, give you numerous creative ideas to enhance lessons and will help you to ve more thoroughly prepared for any viva voce. It is not a text book, but an inspirational practical guide at a very reasonable price; buy it and use it!

Music Teacher Magazine, November 2008

I wouldn’t normally write copious notes in the margin of a new book, or underline sections whilst reading it for the first time, but such is the inspirational level of Paul Harris’ latest book that I felt it was essential to take in his wise words of wisdom in big gulps…..the book continues with so many wows that all I can say is buy a copy and get reading. It’s brilliant for dyed-in-the-wool teachers like me or those starting out…If only there had been books like this when I was starting 30 years ago!

European String Teachers Association Newsletter, Autumn 2008