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Paul Harris

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Improve your teaching! is a must-have handbook for all instrumental and singing teachers. Packed full of comprehensive advice and practical strategies, it offers creative yet accessible solutions to the challenges faced in music education. It outlines Paul Harris's innovative strategy of Simultaneous Learning: a method that encourages the development of musical insight by making connections between all aspects of musicianship and discusses topics including lesson preparation, aural and memory work, effective practice, improvisation and composition, sight-reading and group teaching.

Cleverly fusing established teaching techniques with fresh and exciting ideas Improve your teaching! represents a modern and holistic approach to musical instruction.

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ISBN: 0571525342

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Genre(s): Educational

Language: English

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Making lessons fun by stimulating the creative and imaginative ‘right brain’ in lessons and in practice is central to Harris’s method. Aural work, memory and improvisation activities are approached with the book closed and the teacher is encouraged to use metaphorical and imaginative language to inspire learning.

A section on removing the initial psychological barrier to practising is particularly interesting. This leads neatly into setting ‘right-brain’ musical tasks away from the book and helps to alleviate performance anxiety…..the chapter on group teaching has a fabulous game to teach the behavioural concepts of ensemble playing.

Stringendo, October 2010

This is an absolutely brilliant book! Give me some roof-tops so I can shout from them! Written in a friendly avuncular style in easy-to-read language, the book teems with ideas and solutions for all aspects of instrumental teaching. It is no exaggeration to say that every page contains several useful ideas that will be welcomed by any instrumental or vocal teacher…..This book should be in every teacher’s brief case (not on their book shelf); it should be on the CT ABRSM reading list (if not there already); at the very least it should be in the library of every instrumental music service in the country.

European String Teachers Association Newsletter, Winter 2006