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Guitar Basics (Instrumental Solo)

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Guitar Basics is a landmark method for young guitarists. It starts at absolute beginner level and progresses to Initial/Preparatory Grade. The method is set out in sixteen stages and contains original pieces and traditional tunes in an array of styles including classical, folk and world music as well as well-known favourite film and TV themes such as James Bond, Batman and The Flintstones.

There is a thorough introduction to standard notation, with sections on chords and TAB, whilst ensemble pieces are ideal for group teaching, including ‘Wider Opportunities’. The enhanced CD provides accompaniment parts, teachers’ notes and tips for parents which are easily downloaded, or it can be simply used to play the fun backing tracks!

The companion book, Guitar Basics Repertoire, provides over 40 fun solos and ensemble pieces for both individual and group learning. It is designed to consolidate material learnt in the Guitar Basics Tutor and present new topics, including accidentals, moving up the neck, two-part music, arpeggios and plucked chords.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571532284

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  1. Mulberry Boogie
  2. Shaky
  3. Totem Pole
  4. Buzzing Bee
  5. Spanish Bee
  6. Open All Strings
  7. Big Blue Bear
  8. Easy Bees
  9. The Dance Of The Clowns
  10. Blues 'n' Shoes
  11. Walking In The Rain
  12. Groovy
  13. On 'n' Off
  14. Reggae GAGA
  15. The Irish Washerwoman
  16. Joe Cool
  17. The House Of Doom
  18. Spooky
  19. I Spied A Spy
  20. Mild Thing
  21. Salsa Verde
  22. Bees At Sea
  23. Turkish Delight
  24. The Soldier's March
  25. The Finger Song
  26. Rhyme Time
  27. Hear The Train A-Comin'
  28. Up And Down The Ladder
  29. Rock The Boat
  30. The Windmill Song
  31. Hi D Hi
  32. Chunk Of Funk
  33. Batman
  34. Falling Leaves
  35. Canon
  36. Sunday Morning
  37. Run, Don't Walk
  38. La Colombina
  39. The Star
  40. Beware Of Bears
  41. It's So Easy
  42. Calypso
  43. Push And Shove
  44. Bossy Nova
  45. Easy Peasy
  46. Safari
  47. Cool Cat
  48. Hannah's Mouse
  49. My Grandad's Dog
  50. Brother John's A Miner
  51. Blue Who?
  52. Scaly Fish
  53. Skater Kid
  54. Swing The Cat
  55. In The Bleak Midwinter
  56. Melody's Song
  57. High In The Rockies
  58. Up, Down, Flying Around
  59. E For Elephant
  60. Rock E And A
  61. LemonADE
  62. Rock School
  63. Smoke On The Water
  64. The Keystone Cops
  65. Zoo Blues
  66. Chinatown
  67. D Rex
  68. Hannibal's Elephants
  69. The Lonesome Cowboy
  70. The Irate Pirate
  71. Shark Attack
  72. Cool Cat
  73. Turn It Up
  74. Batman Riff
  75. Tango Hideaway
  76. Meet The Flintsones
  77. James Bond Theme
  78. Giulini And Aunty
  79. Pig Jig
  80. Fiesta
  81. Guitar Basics.

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Describing yourself as 'landmark', as this edition does, might seem presumptuous – but there is much to recommend this new book. It is full of effective graphics, songs and clapping games, jokes that work and well-known movie and rock tunes (some using tab); in short, it does everything to engage the young pupil.

Music Teacher, July 2010

Touted on the cover as a ‘landmark method for individual and group learning’ and aims to take young learners from absolute beginner to initial/preparatory grade for classical guitar. The book, which is attractively illustrated and moves with ease through the lessons, getting to grips with rhythm and then simple notation, building to the beginnings of repertoire, featuring original and selected tunes.

MI Pro Magazine, May 2010