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Dear Future Historians (Lyrics)

Enter Shikari

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British rock / electronic / post-hardcore band Enter Shikari have created a wealth of heavily politicised music over the course of ten years and four albums. They have become one of the most influential British rock bands of their generation, sharing with their fans a belief that music can inspire change. 

Dear Future Historians features front-man Rou Reynolds’ own song interpretations and social commentary alongside all of their lyrics to date. This cased, limited edition includes an abundance of full-colour album artwork, posters and exclusive photos essential for any Enter Shikari fan.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571539661

Item Code: 0571539661

Price: £35.00
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Genre(s): Rock, Heavy Metal

Language: English

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  1. Dear Future Historians: Lyrics and Exegesis of Rou Reynolds for the Music of Enter Shikari

This book is magnificent. It takes you on a journey. It proves that music can be a force of good in this world, for a genre (though I know it's hard to pin Shikari to a specific genre) that has taken so much heat in the past for the negative effect that it has on the world, on today's youth, this book shows you that Shikari strive for one thing, a better world, a United world.
I cannot sing this book's praises enough. The journey into Roy's mind that he has shared with us, allowed us to be taken on, is a privilege.
Even if you're not a fan of the music but love to read, love to learn about the world, I implore you to pick this up.
Amazon Customer 17th March 2017