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Around The World in 1000 Years (+ 2CDs)

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This show creates a musical journey through the last ten centuries, featuring tales of what really happened to the infamous characters from our history books. Characters of the Bayeux Tapestry at night; 11th century Britain with the ‘Doomsday Crew’; Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral; King John and the Magna Carta; The Black Death rocking Europe; The elusive Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest; Geoffrey Chaucer researching his next book; Joan of Arc on trial for witchcraft; The six queens of Henry VIII; Guy Fawkes, the not-so-successful espionage agent; Captain Cook’s around the world voyages; The Industrial revolution and the Victorian Age; The evacuees of World War II; right up to, the technological developments of the 20th century. The show is suitable for Key Stages 2 and 3, pack includes: CD of Backing tracks; CD of full performances; ideas on staging, fundraising, advertising and general behind-the-scenes duties.

Publisher: International Music Publications

ISBN: 1859096786

Item Code: 1859096786

Access Code: 6782A

Price: £24.99
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Genre(s): Musical Theatre

Included media: 2CD

Territories: Item available Worldwide

  • Piano
  • Voice
  1. All Around The World
  2. Black Death
  3. Finale
  4. Joan Of Arc On Trial
  5. Magna Carta
  6. Monument Made With A Needle
  7. My Son, Captain Cook
  8. Opening Act 11
  9. Poverty, Penitence, Prayer
  10. Ragtime
  11. Ragtime Link 1100s
  12. Ragtime Link 1200s
  13. Ragtime Link 1300s
  14. Ragtime Link 1400s
  15. Ragtime Link 1500s
  16. Ragtime Link 1600s/1700s
  17. The Domesday Crew
  18. The Evacuees
  19. The Legend Of Robin Hood
  20. The Six Queens Of Henry Viii
  21. The Tale Of Thomas A Becket
  22. Welcome To The Nineteenth Century
  23. You've Been Gone Too Long [Buddy Guy]