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An Early Start In Music (+CD) (Voice)

Eileen Diamond

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An Early Start In Music is ideal for pre-schools, nurseries, playgroups, creches, pre-natal classes and parents with some musical ability. The book contains music for voice, piano and percussion. The accompanying CD provides a demonstration of each song and a backing track to sing along to. The songs explore topics that are appropriate for 3-5 year olds, such as the body, animals, the seasons and the daily routine. The songs and actions have been carefully designed to stimulate language development, co-ordination, memory and rhythmic responses.

Publisher: International Music Publications

ISBN: 1843281457

Item Code: 1843281457

Access Code: 9312A

Price: £9.99
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Genre(s): Educational, Children's

Included media: 1CD

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  • Piano
  • Voice
  1. Diddly Diddly Dee
  2. Every Day
  3. Everybody Wave Your Arms
  4. Goodness Me!
  5. Hello Song
  6. Jumpy,Jumpy
  7. Let's Hear
  8. Listen To The Music Play
  9. One Little Hand On This Side
  10. Rock-a-bye Baby
  11. Roly Poly
  12. See If You Can
  13. Show Me How
  14. That Is How He Goes
  15. The Weather Today
  16. This Is Your Body
  17. We Like To Play
  18. What Can You Do?
  19. What Would You Find?
  20. You Can Choose